What is Ghostwriting Service and is it Legal?

Do not be frightened. There are no scary stores involved in this blog (unless you want one written). Allow me to elaborate.

Have you ever thought of converting a big idea into a book but felt like you don’t have the expertise or time to write it? This is primarily where ghostwriting services swoop in to save your time, effort, and idea! However, ghostwriting isn’t restricted to writing a book from scratch. Before we swim in deeper shores, let me enlighten you on precisely what ghostwriting implies.

What is Ghostwriting and who are ghostwriters?

To be precise, ghostwriting involves two parties: the “ghost” who is the writer of a book, an article, or any other content, and an author who avails the ghostwriting service. The term ghostwriter does stir curiosity, but once you understand a ghostwriter’s job description, the title is quite self-explanatory. A ghostwriter is someone you hire to write your book/content anonymously but receives no credit for the work and can neither claim any copyrights or license for the work produced. Hence the term “ghost” writer, denoting a person who is “invisible” or unknown to readers. Made the connection yet?

Ghostwriting services are no longer restricted to writing cookbooks, autobiographies, or novels. With more and more people acknowledging the significance of books for their businesses, ghostwriting services have now extended to multiple industries.

Why could you require ghostwriting services?

As an author or business owner, there’s a high chance that you may require the services of a freelance ghostwriter or an agency that provides ghostwriting services at some point in your growth cycle.

Time saving

As mentioned earlier, hiring ghostwriters to think and write for you will save immense time which can be utilized to focus on other revenue-generating aspects of your business. Writing of course is no piece of pie. You need the right idea, keywords, a schedule and the right expertise for specific kinds of content. A bit too much on your plate, no?

By hiring a professional ghostwriting services agency, you’re loading off the burden from your shoulders to theirs, giving you more time to generate valuable strategies and look into other areas for your business’s growth.

It’s Economical

You need 10 different kinds of content. Hence, you’ll probably be hiring at least 5-6 employees with the right skill set who can get the work done on time. You will have to pay each of them a hefty amount of salary each month, monitor them and their work, and provide them with additional benefits. A one-person-show never works wonders but instead results in bad quality work due to the immense pressure.

Thus, hiring a professional ghostwriting service agency has emerged as a much cheaper option where you will pay for the content you require, often at very budget-friendly rates, without having to worry about a thing other than your approval of the content!

To wrap it up, if your requirements include a variety of diverse content, it’s better to hire an agency well-equipped with a team of ghostwriters possessing specific writing skills. For instance, you need a mix of social media content, blogs, articles, product descriptions, and e-books. That’s a lot to ask from a single writer, and so comes a writing services agency to save the day. With writers who specialize in different styles, formats, and kinds of writing, they’ll have you sorted without any hassle.

Is ghostwriting legal or should you be scared?

No, you won’t land in jail or even in court for availing of ghostwriting services from any individual or agency. You’re not stealing you’re merely seeking assistance with the consent of the ghostwriting service provider or ghostwriter.

A professional ghostwriting services agency will always sign an agreement that clearly states that you and you alone will be the rightful owner and author of the book or content once delivered to you, following your approval. Rumor has it ghostwriters have written that majority of novel or books which are published! Have you ever heard of an author behind bars unless his/her content is revolutionary? Let’s not get into that issue though, we’re talking about ghosts here. Ghostwriting has gained immense popularity today as renowned stars, chefs, entrepreneurs, and authors hire these ghosts to convert their ideas and knowledge into a book. Even the digital world has now joined hands with ghostwriting services as marketers and brands require unique and creative content for their websites and social media pages, especially due to the ever-increasing competition in several industries.