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Valuable Insights from Professional Beta Readers

Get an in-depth perspective on how readers from your target audience experience your book. Writing is an iterative process, but sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes – from the reader’s perspective. Make your editing process more seamless with key insights from a beta reader in the right demographic. Know your audience and let our professional and experienced beta readers do the rest.

Get Useful Feedback to Make Your Manuscript a Masterpiece

You may have perfected the grammar for your first draft, but that doesn’t guarantee it as an exciting read. Too emotionally invested in your project? Get an objective analysis complete with research notes to tune your work for your audience. We give you comprehensive and useful insights to make the editing process more straightforward.

Our services entail:

  • Choosing the best demographic from our vast database and matching them to your ideal reader
  • Informing readers specific questions, you want them to answer when reading the manuscript
  • Reviewing major issues as identified by the public narrative and getting the reader’s feedback
  • Analyzing the feedback and compiling notes and trends to help you incorporate them into your main concept

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I was surprised to find that the team at Book Writing Pro would live up to their name completely. They were super courteous in all their interactions and made sure my book was exactly how I wanted it!

Love the way the staff prioritized my needs and didn’t back down from trying to understand what I wanted. They made as many revisions as necessary to make sure the final product aligned with my vision!

This was my first experience with Book Writing Pro and definitely not the last. They promised excellent customer service and high-quality content and boy did they deliver. Super happy with their work ethos.

BookWritingPro’s ghostwriting services have saved my life! I can’t thank them enough for being so responsive and receptive to my needs and helping me put my thoughts into paper. They were able to manifest my dream into a reality and better than I could have done in record time! Thanks a lot guys, forever grateful.

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