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Professional Line Editing Services to Perfect Your Manuscript

Compelling manuscripts that change minds need to be told effectively. We can help you do that with detailed line editing services that don’t change your writing style. We want your manuscript to remain authentic to your voice. Our experts keep your original tone and feeling intact but fine-tune it to so your message hits home.

Error Free Manuscripts Can Be More Outstanding with Professional Line Editing Services

Got a great idea penned down, but it needs just a little extra something to make it a best seller? A line editor helps you turn a good manuscript into a flawless one. We make sure poor execution doesn’t hold you back from making your document stand out from the rest. We don’t just fix grammatical errors and sentence structures – we perfect the prose. Swapping cliches with creative metaphors and overused adjectives with fresher alternatives are just some of the tricks up our sleeves.

Our services entail:

  • Improving sentence structure
  • Fixing grammatical errors, punctuation, and spellings
  • Streamlining the text by making the tone, style, and composition more consistent
  • Getting rid of jargon and repetitive texts
  • Correcting subject-verb agreement
  • Including appropriate transitional phrasing

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I was surprised to find that the team at Book Writing Pro would live up to their name completely. They were super courteous in all their interactions and made sure my book was exactly how I wanted it!

Love the way the staff prioritized my needs and didn’t back down from trying to understand what I wanted. They made as many revisions as necessary to make sure the final product aligned with my vision!

This was my first experience with Book Writing Pro and definitely not the last. They promised excellent customer service and high-quality content and boy did they deliver. Super happy with their work ethos.

BookWritingPro’s ghostwriting services have saved my life! I can’t thank them enough for being so responsive and receptive to my needs and helping me put my thoughts into paper. They were able to manifest my dream into a reality and better than I could have done in record time! Thanks a lot guys, forever grateful.

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