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Misrepresentation or biases towards specific demographics in your manuscript, make it too problematic to publish. Get rid of all the potential tropes from a prospective bestseller that can make your narrative or characters less-than-great. We’ve got a diverse team of professionals that spot discrepancies that others might not even know about!

Sensitivity Reading Services That Satisfy Your Audience

It’s crucial to keep your audience in mind when proofreading. Sensitivity reading includes constructive feedback that makes your dream book become a best-selling hit. We give you specific feedback based on the kind of reader you want from a broad range of categories. Don’t let your efforts go to waste, and sensitize your manuscript before it’s too late.

Our services entail:

  • Identifying categories of sensitivities and assigning a specifc reader to it
  • Providing specific and general feedback
  • Editorial suggestions to improve the manuscript
  • Addiotnal review by a senior editor to provide insight from a publishing perspective

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I was surprised to find that the team at Book Writing Pro would live up to their name completely. They were super courteous in all their interactions and made sure my book was exactly how I wanted it!

Love the way the staff prioritized my needs and didn’t back down from trying to understand what I wanted. They made as many revisions as necessary to make sure the final product aligned with my vision!

This was my first experience with Book Writing Pro and definitely not the last. They promised excellent customer service and high-quality content and boy did they deliver. Super happy with their work ethos.

BookWritingPro’s ghostwriting services have saved my life! I can’t thank them enough for being so responsive and receptive to my needs and helping me put my thoughts into paper. They were able to manifest my dream into a reality and better than I could have done in record time! Thanks a lot guys, forever grateful.

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