About Us

We’re ghostwriters that won’t ghost you!

Book Writing Pro is the single-source provider of elite book writing solutions that possesses the expertise and the experience to sculpt original manuscripts which reflect freshness and originality from the prologue to their epilogue.

Assuring that each and every book writing need of our client is met aptly, we house a wide-ranging body of astoundingly talented writers that have consummate skill in drafting, reviewing, editing, proofreading, and writing immaculate pieces for specific projects. Poetry, memoirs, autobiographies, or other pieces of writing, our dedicated band of writers diligently covers every genre on the writing board.

Our pre-stage and post-stage writing solutions are assembled to make your books get published in the most hassle-free manner possible. Whether your project is at the initial stages, at the half-way line, or almost completed, our solutions assure that you get what you want, just the way you want it.

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Can’t Find the Words? That’s What
We’re Here For.

our very simple process
  • Share your
    idea with us
  • We assign you
    a writer
  • Research and
  • You get the
    final draft

Got Questions?
These Might Help!

Are your services confidential?

We value your privacy and offer complete confidentiality. None of the information that you provide us will be used for anything other than its original purpose.

Why should I hire a ghostwriter?

Sometimes you need to get tasks done but don’t have the time. Hey, there’s no shame in that. A ghostwriter can help you refine your work, do better research and make sure your book or other content is up to the mark.

Do I get ownership of the work I do?

Yes! We give you complete ownership and rights of the work once we complete it and hand it over to you. You don’t have to share the credit of the work at all.

Can I include some of my own writing?

Yes! If you need help in editing, proofreading or adding to your work, we are here to help. We’ll go through the work you’ve done and help you make it better.

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