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Our Writers are Shape-shifters. They Give You Exactly What You Want

We’re a one-stop ghostwriting solution because we can breathe life into any kind of manuscript. Whether you need a life-changing self-help book, or a soul-touching children’s book, our writers know how to weave words into compelling stories. They’re trained to put on multiple hats and work with all kinds of industries and ideas so you can get your book just the way you envisioned it. From mystery to romance, there’s no genre that our writers haven’t mastered. We know how to thicken the plot and keep readers hooked onto each twist so your book is flying off the shelves and is a best-seller.

Book Writing for Everyone

Whether you’re a traveler, a busy entrepreneur or a student with a fantastic idea, we’re here to write your book for you.

We Breathe Stories

Creativity? Uniqueness? That’s boring. We are more than that. Our writers live in the world of ideas & stories. Every new project is a creative challenge we love!

Research & Plot Development

A good story is tied together by research. J.K Rowling spent years researching on ancient magical worlds to give us Harry Potter!

A Lit Team

Our writers hold degrees in Literature, Philosophy, Creative Writing, Psychology. They know the Hamlets from the Freuds, the Socrates from the Aristotle!

Your Safe-Keeper

Your secret is safe with us! Client confidentiality is our ethos. We do not mess that up. So don’t you worry about anything. Share your books with the world!

We Make You Happy

This work is rewarding. With every project, our customers are in awe. And we love seeing that expression! Making you happy is our goal & we meet it most of the time.

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Our Published Works in a Vast Range of Categories!

We at Book Writing Pro truly believe that variety is everything, that is why we have published books in various different genres from fairy tales to journalism, cookbooks to satires. Like many others, we guarantee your books will be remembered for generations to come.

Got a Great Idea But Feeling Lost? We Can Help!

When you have a remarkable idea that’s on the brink of a breakthrough but you can’t seem to articulate it, we come to your rescue. We brainstorm with you so we can understand precisely what you need and hope to achieve. We put a creative spin on your vision so we can manifest your ideal book into a reality.

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    Research, Research,

    We don’t dive in head first into the project, without doing plenty of research. Let us know what you hope to achieve and leave the rest to us.

    Adding Aesthetic Appeal

    Our design team leaves no stone unturned to ensure each page is formatted and designed well to improve readability.

    Proofreading for Perfection

    All our work goes through and intensive editing and review process to ensure that it’s grammatically sound and factually accurate.

    with Flair

    We send you the book for approval and then proceed with adding final touches.

Helping You Through Every Step Of the Way

It’s time to make your dream come true.

Customer Testimonials That Moved Us

I was surprised to find that the team at Book Writing Pro would live up to their name completely. They were super courteous in all their interactions and made sure my book was exactly how I wanted it!

Love the way the staff prioritized my needs and didn’t back down from trying to understand what I wanted. They made as many revisions as necessary to make sure the final product aligned with my vision!

This was my first experience with Book Writing Pro and definitely not the last. They promised excellent customer service and high-quality content and boy did they deliver. Super happy with their work ethos.

BookWritingPro’s ghostwriting services have saved my life! I can’t thank them enough for being so responsive and receptive to my needs and helping me put my thoughts into paper. They were able to manifest my dream into a reality and better than I could have done in record time! Thanks a lot guys, forever grateful.

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