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Process flow

We will work on it step by step taking care of everything taking your feedback along. You will go through 4 main phases in the process.

As soon as the process will be started, we will send you a questionnaire form to fill out the basic requirements of your book and according to that, we assign a team of experts.

  • 1. An expert on your subject
  • 2. Editor & Proofreader
  • 3. Quality Assurance Expert
  • 4. Final Analysis Expert
  • 5. Graphic Designer

The project manager is the person who will be in conversation with you. Your call is then scheduled with the writer so that you can discuss your book in detail.

Throughout the process, you will be able to communicate with your team via an online portal. You will have all the possible mediums available for communication such as calls, chats, recordings, etc.

After the discussion, we first work on the outline of the book where you get to see what the book will cover and how it will be going towards the end.

Once you approve the outline, we start working on the chapters. The entire book is written chapter by chapter, and we deliver you every chapter after 8-10 days so you can review and send us your feedback. This is how you are always connected to the progress of your book and always satisfied as well.

We design the book's front and back cover professionally based on the title and content of the book. We compile the entire book together and get you all the formats such as PDF, MS word, print-ready file, etc.

Your book is then published on different platforms based on the package you prefer. It will be published under your name with you having 100% ownership rights of the book.

Got Questions?
These Might Help!

Are your services confidential?

We value your privacy and offer complete confidentiality. None of the information that you provide us will be used for anything other than its original purpose.

Why should I hire a ghostwriter?

Sometimes you need to get tasks done but don’t have the time. Hey, there’s no shame in that. A ghostwriter can help you refine your work, do better research and make sure your book or other content is up to the mark.

Do I get ownership of the work I do?

Yes! We give you complete ownership and rights of the work once we complete it and hand it over to you. You don’t have to share the credit of the work at all.

Can I include some of my own writing?

Yes! If you need help in editing, proofreading or adding to your work, we are here to help. We’ll go through the work you’ve done and help you make it better.

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